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Your loyalty card is the starting point of a true omnichannel customer journey. Customers are identified automatically online and in-store, you can send them personalised messages via marketing automation and data analysis identifies your most loyal customers. Customers enjoy an omnichannel experience in-store, on mobile and on your website. 

Sounds complicated? Not at Garden Connect, since we do this every day for garden centres like you. We don’t set up or provide you with a loyalty scheme or card: we use the loyalty scheme you already have and use a wide range of innovative solutions to make it more effective. 

Loyalty card website integration

Your loyalty card should be fully integrated into your website and webshop. This allows customers to:

  • Do a quick check-out on your website
  • Get or redeem points on online purchases
  • Redeem coupons online
  • Repeat previous orders
  • Edit their own details
  • Access all in-store and online receipts

If you offer a loyalty card to your customers, having an online account will give them control of their data and information. This reduces time spent on questions at your customer service significantly and increases the customer experience.

Personal Marketing

Our Award-Winning Personal Marketing service automates customer communication. Based on customer behaviour, e-mails will be triggered and sent automatically. These emails can also be accessed via the online account or your own app. Personal marketing is a key part of the loyalty program of many successful garden retailers. 

Examples of messages are:

  • Planting tips relevant to the plant bought
  • Birthday emails
  • A gentle reminder after 120 days without purchase

The Garden Connect team will provide you with ready-to-use messages every month, saving you time and helping you to get the most out of it. 

Loyalty apps

Loyalty apps are becoming increasingly popular and are the perfect way to offer your customers a smooth experience: in-store and online. The loyalty apps we develop can include digital coupons, personal messages and more unique features. You can read more about this on our page with information about garden centre apps

Apart from improving your garden centre loyalty scheme, we can also help you to develop a new website or webshop, improve your online marketing, develop an app and help you with plant data

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