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RetailVista is a POS system by Nedfox, used by many garden centres and other retailers. RetailVista has more than 5,000 users, spread across hundreds of companies with thousands of active checkouts. Because RetailVista works in the cloud, the POS system is available in real-time anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the intensive collaboration between Garden Connect and Nedfox, your garden centre can achieve great benefits from an effective integration. The RetailVista POS and checkout system on the shop floor is linked to the online sales environment in the webshop.


RetailVista and webshop

By linking RetailVista to the webshop, data is exchanged in real-time. In this way, your product information and inventory are always up to date, and you can ensure optimal service for your online customers. Prices are also updated automatically, so that they are the same on both the floor and in the webshop. Special promotions, such as mix & match or multi-buy, are available directly on all your sales channels.  Your coupons and gift cards can also be returned both online or offline.


Retailvista and sales orders

Customers can move seamlessly from online to offline, and vice versa. Large purchases such as garden furniture, garden houses, and ornamental paving are not usually transported by the consumer at the time of purchase. RetailVista creates sales orders for such products, pending delivery at a later date. Thanks to its integration with Garden Connect, consumers are kept informed of the order information and delivery. In addition, payment can be made online, days before the products are delivered. 


RetailVista and loyalty card

Does your garden center provide a loyalty card? Allow visitors to register the loyalty card through your website. This way, they activate the card immediately and can use it both online and offline. This gives your customers added user-friendliness and sales opportunities. The link can be integrated into an app for your garden centre as well. In that case, your customers can even choose to not use the physical card, but rather their smartphone — without losing value! 


RetailVista and personal marketing

Use Personal Marketing for your loyalty card users, and offer this as your garden centre's extra added service. You can set up automated functions for a variety of events. If a customer buys from you — online or offline — you can email the receipt immediately, including helpful tips for their newly-purchased products. Or send customers who have not shopped for a long time, an enticing incentive with a discount code. You can also send a congratulatory email to a customer who has a birthday, together with a little gift, of course. The possibilities of personal marketing are endless. 



Does your garden center have special needs? In that case, we at Garden Connect will develop a tailor-made solution. We also do this for your B2B company, as you often have specific needs B2C retailers don’t encounter. For example, we developed a handy ordering app for a wholesale centre. 


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