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Plants are your most important product group so you want to offer your customers a proper overview of your product range. Customers should be able to use filters to find plants, you want to show them inspiring content and great, Google-friendly content. Garden Connect helps you to make it happen and has a range of over 10,000 plants in the database available for you. 

Garden Connect doesn’t offer you the next plant finder: we believe plant data should be used in your website, webshop and loyalty program to help and inspire consumers. 

Sell plants online

We help you to sell your plants online by using our database with plant data:

  • Multiple high-res photos per plant
  • At least 20 specifications per plant (max height, colour, etc.)
  • Latin & local names

We use artificial intelligence to write texts which are unique for your garden centre and Google-friendly. This will help you to attract more customers to your website via Google in an easy, time-saving way. Our database can be used on any webshop platform.

Plant data for your loyalty members

The Garden Connect database can be integrated with your loyalty scheme. This enhances the communication between you & your loyal customers before and after the sale:

  • Personal Marketing triggers an email with planting tips minutes after buying a plant
  • A personal plant list can be created on your app or website automatically
  • Monthly tips on how to prune or care for plants customers bought at your garden centre, automatically linked to plants customers have bought to increase the relevance

The combination of data and content allows you to improve your marketing significantly. Our team of developers can help you to integrate all plant data with your current EPoS system. Since all processes are automated, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on it either. 

You can visit our website to search our plant database and to make an inquiry. 

Apart from providing you with plant data, we can also help you to develop a new website or webshop, improve your online marketing, enhance your loyalty scheme and develop an app.

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